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Clockmaking and Watchmaking

Clockmaking & Watchmaking

This is a brief summary of some resources. Most information on this topic is still in books although some is transmitted via mailing lists and courses.


  • American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

    This was originally a professional organization, originally for watchmakers, but now extended to clockmakers and amateur horologists.. It publishes Horological Times, which has articles on watch and clockmaking. The AWI offers courses on watchmaking and clockmaking in its Ohio headquarters and elsewhere.

  • British Horological Institute

    Initially for professional clockmakers and watchmakers, the BHI now has many associates interested in horology as a hobby. Its Horological Journal includes horological news and articles on clockmaking and watch making.

    The Hints and Tips section of their Web site is a valuable collection of information, perhaps the largest on the Web; much was gleaned from the Clocks Mailing List. Courses are offered at its British headquarters.

  • National Assocation of Watch and Clock Collectors

    This association publishes a Bulletin, which features historical articles and some on clockmaking and watchmaking. Its School of Horology in Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA offers courses leading to degrees; it also has short courses open to members. Its member's Lending Library is a valuable source of horological books and back issues of its Bulletin.

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